Terms and Conditions

    Discover your Gold - Festival Offer

  • 1. This is a festival scheme offered to all customers who purchase the following products from our designated retail stores of Tamilnadu & Andhra Pradesh
    • a) Vcare Shampoo Hair Colour – 25ml
    • b) Vcare Shampoo Hair Colour – 15ml
    • c) Moustache & Beard – 5ml
  • 2. Offer Period - 1st November 2015 to 20th January 2016.
  • 3. Under this offer, upon purchase of Vcare Shampoo Hair Color - 15ml, 25ml and Moustache & Beard - 5ml, consumers will find a Discover Gold Coupon inside the pouch (on random basis) worth ½ a gram of Gold.
  • 4. Consumer should retain the Discover gold coupon along with the used sachet (pouch).
  • 5. Upon looking inside the coupon, consumer will get a unique coupon code (starts from TN, AP……) which will entitle the consumer for receiving from the company directly.
  • 6. The Redemption of this coupon can be done by calling our 73059 77777 / 73056 99999 and register with us by providing the details required by our team.
  • 7.Upon receiving the details from the Customers, information on the process of receiving the gold at their door steps, will be communicated.
  • 8.The Customers have to provide a valid Photo ID and Address Proof along with the Discover Gold Coupon and the used sachet (Pouch) at the time of receiving the gold and the same should match the details given at the time of registration.
  • 9.Decision of the company shall be final on all matters concerning this festival offer.
  • 10. The company shall have the right to use the name of the Discover Gold receivers in their media communication.
  • 11. The gold coin will not be transferable to another person.
  • 12. By entering into this offer, the participant agrees to be bound by the given terms and conditions.
  • 13. Any issue arising out of this festival offer, shall be the subject matter of jurisdiction of Chennai Court only.
  • 14. These terms and conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of India.
  • 15. The company reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without notice